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The Operative: No One Lives Forever

This mod makes alterations to immodest clothing and inappropriate dialogue throughout the game. The clothing has been modified to be less low-cut where possible. The dialogue has been strategically edited with periods of silence or additional inquiries about your need for monkeys and frosty beverages. I believe it makes the whole eavesdropping experience more poignant.

There is still room for improvement if anyone feels inspired, and there may be things I've missed as well. As always, let me know your findings.

Modesty Go! (Nexus Mods)

P.S. Two things to note: firstly, this was made for the GOTY version of the game. It should work with other versions, but I've had no opportunity to verify.

Secondly, for any aspiring NOLF-modders out there, you may be interested to know that the programs I used for packing and unpacking the resource files were "WinRez LT" and "DEdit". The version of DEdit that comes with NOLF1 was very poor and unsuccessful! Luckily, I also own NOLF2 which contains an updated toolset. I eventually got good results by installing NOLF2, downloading the NOLF2 tools, and using those on the resource files from the original game.